Promotion of the crypto project on Instagram with the help of bounty campaigns
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Promotion of the crypto project on Instagram with the help of bounty campaigns
A bounty campaign is when you perform tasks for a big company on your property and get paid for it like an advertisement, and instead of getting cash or things, you get stakes. These stakes are converted to cryptocurrency which as we all know can be traded for a lot of money when the market is right. Click here to get more information on how to run a successful bounty campaign. The process is straightforward. Following are the different kinds of bounty campaigns:

What is HUNT.BET?

Types of Bounty's
  • Signature Campaign: This campaign is for junior members on bitcoin forum when a company asks you to put their signature along with the code on the forum in this way you get stakes depending on your position on the forum.
  • A blog post or Video Campaign: For content creators, this is the best opportunity to earn a good bit of money, you get stakes provided based not only on the quality of your content but also based on views you receive on your content.
  • Translation Campaign: Bilingual people can benefit from this campaign, by translating things they can receive stakes. The simplest one being Website translation. Moderation and translation of bitcoin forums can earn you a large sum of stakes. White paper translation: Most challenging but pays more.
  • Social Media Campaign for Facebook or Instagram: This is only applicable for those who have a large number of followers on social media so that the increasing number of viewers will provide you with more stakes.

Instagram Bounty Campaigns
You can promote projects paying cryptocurrency promoting the use and buy and sell off the currency of the future, i.e. cryptocurrency. More the number of followers you possess, you will receive more eyes and as a result a higher number of stakes provided by the company. The question arises how you will get followers in the first place? Well, in this world, everything has an answer for someone dedicated enough to search for it. In order to earn from any business, you must always invest before you can start making a profit so, to get followers, you can buy real followers for Instagram. Get more eyes on your content and start earning stakes by advertising company projects and cryptocurrency transactions, promote in what you receive. This promotion will lead to the increase in buy and sale of bitcoins which will ultimately lead to the rise in the market value of these crypto coins benefitting you in the process because you'll get paid in stakes that get converted to crypto coins paying you a lot.
Starting up on Instagram promotion may be difficult, but with the right steps it can be straightforward and profitable, you can earn a substantial amount by promoting projects involving crypto transactions on your social media pages with a large number of followers.


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